Online Privacy Policy

Online Privacy Policy

MTC values your business and respects your privacy. This policy summarizes what information we collect from you online and how we use and disclose that information. MTC also collects personal information from customers offline. To learn more about our privacy practices you should also review the MTC Privacy Policy.

Table of Contents

  • What information does MTC collect about me online?
  • How does MTC use personal information collected online?
  • Does MTC share personal information collected online with third parties?
  • Can I review and change my personal information collected online?
  • What are cookies and how do I disable them?
  • Does MTC link to other Web sites?
  • Does MTC collect information about children online?
  • When does MTC update its online privacy policy?
  • How can I contact MTC?

What information does MTC collect about me online?
We collect personal information when you visit our Web sites, request products and services, and when you use our online services. For example, we may collect your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

In addition, when you visit a MTC web site, our servers automatically log certain technical information, such as the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your IP address, browser type, and operating system. We use Internet technologies to learn more about how our Web sites are used, such as how often certain pages are viewed, and how much time users spend on those pages. This information is not used in a form that identifies you. To learn more about how this information is used, see “What are cookies and how do I disable them?”

Through our affiliate relationship with LR Communications, MTC offers High-Speed Internet services to our customers. This service is hosted by KIT (Kansas Independent Telephone). As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our service, someone acting on behalf of MTC may collect information about how you use this service and the Internet. KIT does not use this information in a personally identifiable form except under the following circumstances: if we have reason to believe that an account is being used in a manner that violates the Subscription Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, or any applicable law or regulation; to protect the integrity of our services or network; to assert or defend our legal rights or those of a third party; pursuant to a lawful request from a government or legal authority, or where we have a good faith belief that it is needed to prevent harm or provide assistance to a third party.

How does MTC use personal information collected online?
In general, MTC uses personal information collected online to provide products and services and to operate our business, for example, for billing and collection activities. We use personal information collected online to address your questions and concerns, to understand how you use our products and services, to give you information about our products and services, and to improve our services. MTC also uses personal information collected online to comply with laws and regulations, to assert or establish our legal rights, and to defend our legal interests.

Does MTC share personal information collected online with third parties?
MTC discloses personal information collected online to affiliates and to others, including our business partners and vendors, to provide the products and services you request and to enhance those products and services. We may share personal information collected online with the government or third parties who make a lawful request for it. We may also disclose personal information collected online to others to assert and defend our legal rights, and as otherwise authorized or required by law.

Can I change my personal information collected by MTC?
You are welcome to review and change personal information you provide to us in the following ways:

  • Manage your account information by phone or through online contact
    You may contact a Customer Service Representative at (620)897-6200 to discuss and review the information we have in our records. You can contact MTC customer service online by clicking on the “Contact Us” icon throughout our site which will take you to the online contact form. We will work with you so that your information is accurate and complete.

What are cookies and how do I disable them?
Cookies are files placed on your computer by most Web sites including ours. The files help the Web site “remember” you, allowing us to personalize your visit. Your browser stores the cookie information on your hard drive and each time you return to our site, the cookie helps us serve up the offers that are available to you.

Why does MTC uses cookies?
Cookies help us provide and collect information about your past activities on our site. The information helps us provide you benefits such as the following:

  • Show you only the products that are available in your area
  • Help us improve our site and your experience using it
  • Make accurate product recommendations
  • Remember your username so you don’t have to enter it repeatedly

Cookies and your information security.
Cookies do not enable us to see information or files on your computer. We also do not use cookies to “spy” on you as you use non-MTC Web sites. Cookies only allow us to “remember” you while you use our site.

How to disable cookies
Before you disable cookies, it’s important to know that cookies improve your experience on our sites. If you disable cookies you may not be able to use all the features of our sites. Remember that cookies do not allow us to access private information on your computer. They only record information about your visits to our sites.

You can disable cookies through your browser. The instructions for all browsers vary. But the steps are generally similar for most. Here are some places you can look to disable or enable cookies:

  • Internet Explorer Example:
    Look in the Tools menu, select Internet Options, and then click the Security tab. Click Internet, and then click Custom Level. Scroll down to Cookies, click disable (or enable) for both cookie options, and then click OK.
  • Netscape Example:
    Select Edit Preferences from the main menu. Select Advanced and under Cookies, select Disable cookies and click OK.
  • Mozilla Firefox Example:
    Open Tasks, choose Privacy & Security, and then Cookie Manager. Choose View Stored Cookies from the submenu to open the Cookie Manager window. Select one or more cookies and click either Remove Cookie or Remove All Cookies.
  • Safari Example:
    Choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Security. Select Never, Always, or Only from sites you navigate to, to set your preferences at the level you desire. To see the cookies stored on your computer, click Show Cookies. From here you have the option to remove one or two cookies or all cookies.

Most browsers have instructions on how to disable cookies in their “Help” sections. Or you can reference your specific browser’s Internet-based support sections below for cookie disabling instructions. Companies that advertise on our Web sites may also use their own cookies. These cookies collect their own information independent of MTC. You can disable these cookies as described above.

Does MTC link to other Web sites?
Yes. Our Web sites may contain links to other Web sites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those Web sites. For this reason, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of other Web sites before providing them personal information.

Does MTC collect information about children online?
The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) applies to Web sites that direct their services to children under 13 and collect personal information from them or who have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information from children under 13. MTC does not intentionally collect personal information from children, nor do we market to or target content to children. Before you allow your children to go online without your supervision, we encourage you to establish a set of rules that you can all agree on.

When does MTC update its online privacy policy?
From time to time, MTC may update this policy and/or our policies to reflect changes in our business, evolving technology, and changes in the law. We will notify you of any material changes by posting a notice on our web site for 30 days prior to making the change.

How can I contact MTC?
For questions about our privacy policies, please call our business office at (620)897-6200 or toll-free at (877) 216-9951. You can also contact MTC through our online contact form.

This is a policy of MTC’s practices, and is not a contract between MTC and our customers for any purpose, including private or governmental litigation or regulatory action