Long Distance

Long Distance

MTC offers the most affordable and convenient way to make your long distance calls.

Why waste cell phone minutes on “free” long distance minutes that really aren’t free at all? With MTC you can pay a low, flat rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anywhere in the country and there’s never a monthly fee.

If you use at least 100 minutes a month, a package of minutes allows you to pay the super low price of just 6.5¢ per minute. Packages start at just $6.50 amonth and also count toward your Phone + Package discounts!

If you’re a heavy long distance user, we now offer UNLIMITED option calling for our residential customers for just $35 a month!

Choose the plan that’s right for you!

Your selected plans are always conveniently billed on the same bill with your other MTC services. Additionally, all money spent with MTC stays right here in the community where it can do the most good for you and your family.

Basic LD

No Additional Fee / per month
  • 10 cents/minute

Simple 100

$ 6.50 /per month
  • 100 Minutes of LD
  • 9 cents/additional minute

Simple 200

$ 13.00 /per month
  • 200 Minutes of LD
  • 8 cents/additional minute

Simple 350

$ 22.75 /per month
  • 350 minutes of LD
  • 7 cents/additional minute

Simple 500

$ 32.50 / per month
  • 500 minutes of LD
  • 6 cents/additional minute

Unlimited VOIP LD

$ 32.50 /per month
  • (Residential only. Not for data transmission)