Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan

Don’t gamble with costly repairs. Get reliable protection for just pennies a day!

The MTC Maintenance Plan covers any MTC service a customer or business has.

It will protect the customer or business from expensive service calls due to equipment or wiring other than MTC equipment.  The standard hourly fee starts at $50.00 an hour, $45 for each additional half hour, plus a $40 trip charge; however a customer on the Maintenance Plan could have a MTC technician troubleshoot the problem for no additional charge.  Whether you have lost service, speed issues, router problems, or even need equipment such as set top boxes reset, the Maintenance Plan covers it at no additional cost to you! Keep in mind however that this plan does not cover issues with customer owned equipment such as telephones or computers.

So why take a risk on paying costly hourly rates for service repair when you could get them with the low charge. For on only $8.00 per month for residents and $15.00 per month for businesses, you can save a lot of money on future unexpected service issues and problems. Just call in to sign up for the MTC Maintenance Plan today!

This is not a computer maintenance plan and does not include computer repair. It also does not cover negligence or vandalism. 

For complete details, please contact us!