Mutual TeleCommunications (MTC), continues to improve Internet speeds and expand coverage throughout central Kansas!

Internet was looked at as luxury or optional service, it’s proven now that reliable Internet is not only needed for our daily enjoyment, but is also essential in providing telework, telehealth, distance learning and other remote services.

MTC offers both Fiber and Wireless Internet services in multiple towns and counties in central Kansas. Whether expanding fiber or upgrading and adding towers to offer faster speeds on wireless, MTC is committed to providing a quality service and connection to all of our customer and potential customers.

If you live in the city limits of Little River, Marquette, Raymond you can get fiber options.

If you live in the city of Lyons, McPherson, Sterling or rural Little River, you may be able to get fiber optics.

If you live in rural Rice, McPherson, Ellsworth or Reno Counties, or any of the above cities where fiber optics is not available, you can get MTC’s Wireless Internet service. 


Monthly Pricing
  • 5 Mbps
  • 12 Mbps
  • 25 Mbps
  • 50 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps
  • * Call For Pricing

Not sure which service applies to you or simply want more information? Call 877-216-9951 or e-mail