Calling Features

Calling Features

To better manage your home phone calls, choose individual calling features below. For the best value we recommend our Advanced Calling Feature Package. The five asterisked features listed below, plus two additional calling features of your choice, are included in a package for just $12 a month! 

Look at what calling features we have to offer!

Unlike answering machines, Voice Mail can take messages for you when you’re on the phone AND when you’re away from the phone. And with MTC’s Voice Mail service, you can send Voice Mail to your e-mail box and much more with our included online management tool!

Live Message Screening lets you listen to your Voice Mail messages as it is being left by the caller.

See the name and number of the person calling before you answer the phone. This is great for screening calls from callers with whom you don’t wish to speak, and it allows you to customize your greeting to customers, friends and family.

With Call Waiting, you’ll never miss another call just because you’re on the phone. Great for busy families and small businesses.

Cancel Call Waiting allows you to cancel your call waiting before making important phone calls.

This features shows you the name and number of the second caller on your Caller ID unit.

Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls to another phone, including your cell phone, so you can take your calls with you when you go. You can also forward your calls to another phone (like your cell phone) when you’re on vacation or away from home for an extended period so no one will ever know you’re not at home.

With three-way calling, you can conference call for $1.00 a month! Talk to two people on one call, even if one is long distance. Great for businesses needing to conference call, and families who want to save time!

Quickly dial up your most frequently called numbers by dialing just one number. Great for households with children or elderly residents who need a simple way to make a call in an emergency. It’s also great for businesses and busy families needing to save time on frequently dialed numbers. You may choose 30 number Speed Dial for $1.50 per month.

Want to add another line without the cost of adding another line? With Teen Line, it’s like having two phone lines in one. You’ll get another phone number, which rings differently than your home phone number, so you’ll always know when the phone is for your teen!

This feature is also great for home-based businesses. Your business phone number rings differently than your home phone number, so you’ll always know when you’re receiving business calls. It’s also great for fax lines. You’ll even hear a different call waiting tone when you’re on the phone.

Miss a call? Just dial *69 and the last person who called you will be called back.

Tired of redialing busy numbers? Just dial *66 and the number will be redialed for you until it becomes available.

This feature blocks your phone number from being seen by Caller ID for every call you make.

Would you like to block telemarketing calls before you phone even rings? Now you can!

Privacy defender is a service for residents so they can control incoming calls, allowing the ability to screen and reject unwanted calls, like those from telemarketers. The service intercepts calls that come in as “unavailable,” “unknown,” or “private.”