MTC believes that every business deserves the best service and local support! With our gigabit capable network in addition to our local offices and staff, MTC can accomplish this. MTC takes pride in serving our local communities and helping local businesses within them thrive!

Fiber Internet

Receive fast, consistent and reliable service from MTC’s Gigabit capable fiber network. In addition to the cutting edge service, you’ll receive 24/7 technical support to keep your business up and running!

Managed Wi-Fi

Get secure wireless Internet access for your business. Managed Wi-Fi through MTC offers your business a seamless, complete coverage for all of your Internet connected devices that your business replies on.  With coverage areas up to 36,000 sq. ft. and personalized options like guest and private Wi-Fi networks, MTC’s business Wi-Fi packages have just what you need for business connectivity.


MTC offers reliable voice service ensuring that you stay connected to your customers.

Call Guardian is the most accurate reputation profile solution in identifying call spoofing and unwanted robocalls in real-time. The platform uses a layered approach and big data analytics to deliver reduced costs and a better customer experience for carrier subscribers. 
   *Insight into over 1 billion call events per day across 500+ operators
   *Provides real-time scoring detecting problems as they occur
   *Detects call spoofing events from bad actors including neighbor spoofing
   *Access to device contacts is not required

For Consumers – this website allows you to report a robocall that is a nuisance or fraudulent. You can also report calls that have been mischaracterized. If you believe your calls are being erroneously blocked due to hijacking of your number, please contact your carrier directly. 

For Enterprises – are you concerned that your calls are being labeled as nuisance or fraudulent calls or that your calls are being inadvertently blocked? This website will help TNS Call Guardian validate the characterization of your business telephone numbers and protect against erroneous blocking of wanted calls.

Click Here to access the Call Guardian Portal to report a number or validate your number.

TNS Report a Robocall


Phone Systems

(Hosted) HPBX – A Hosted Phone System delivers secure, reliable voice service through your Internet connection offers a variety of features that can enhance your business communications such as Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Voicemail to email notification, Call forwarding, & many more

** Different phone models available to fit each business’s individual needs

Security & Automation

Our fully-integrated solution allows you to monitor and control your business through a single, mobile-friendly interface. Just a few clicks, you can secure your system, view live-streaming video, manage employee access, regulate energy use and much more.

For questions, additional information or to schedule a business consultation, please call 877-216-9951