Internet was once looked at as luxury or optional service, it’s proven now that local reliable Internet is not only needed for our daily enjoyment, but is also essential in providing telework, telehealth, distance learning and other remote business services.

MTC offers both Fiber and Wireless Internet services in multiple towns and counties in central Kansas. Whether expanding fiber or upgrading and adding towers to offer faster speeds on wireless, MTC is committed to providing a quality service and connection to all of our customer and potential customer.

MTC Fiber Internet:

  • Best Technology available for providing High Quality broadband
  • Due to cost, and having to connect each home individually, traditionally used in city limits
  • Traditional bored underground- not affected by weather
  • Uses fiber optic cabling when can send data about 70% the speed of light
  • Currently offering speeds up to 1 GIG

MTC Wireless Internet:

  • Delivered wirelessly from MTC tower to a radio on your home.
  • Can cover a large area from one single access point (MTC Tower)
  • Traditionally used in rural areas
  • DIFFERENT and superior than satellite internet as this is a point to point type of connection
  • Recently upgrading speeds up to 100Mbps

All MTC Internet services are UNLIMITED usage which means you will never be charged overages, have speed throttled or run out of data!

Find out what kind of internet is offered in your area here.

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